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a bar with a jukebox and you on my arm

heaven and earth are pretty much the same

the iBar
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Divey, grungy bar. Good jukebox, good whiskey, good company. Darts and pool in the back, Guiness and Harp and Newcastle on tap. Punkrock bartenders and a crazy cast of regulars. Quiet in the afternoons, noisy in the evenings.

Come on in and have a drink.

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arguing with bartenders, beer, booze, chicago cubs, dancing, darts, dirty martinis, dive bars, drinking, flirting shamelessly, g&ts, gideon, gin and tonics, green-haired punk bartenders, hobbits, indie records stores, jukeboxes, licking gin off bodies, loud music, music geeks, oasis, pool, proper tequila shots, skipping work, sleeping on pool tables, smoking, staying up all night, strongbow, the joyful kilmarnock blues, whiskey